Allan Graubard

Independent Poet, Playwright, and Critic
New York, NY
Allan Graubard is a poet, playwright and critic with international credits. He collaborates with creators of culture who inspire him: fellow poets and writers; theater and dance theater artists; conductors, composers, and musicians; visual artists; scholars; and scientists. His books include: A Crescent By Any Other Name (Anon Editions, 2017), Targets (Anon Editions, 2013), And tell tulip the summer (Quattro Books, 2011), and Roma Amor (Spuyten Duyvil, 2010). Of his theater works, with premieres in the US and Europe, there are: For Alejandra, Woman Bomb/Sade, and with Lawrence D. “Butch” Morris: Modette and Erotic Eulogy.
He is co-editor, with Thom Burns, of INVISIBLE HEADS: Surrealists in North America -- An Untold Story (Anon Editions, 2011).